Big Bhang Bloom 5lb

Big Bhang Bloom 5lb


NPK: 0-32-28
All the minerals needed for explosive flower production have been sourced from the oldest known elements on the planet!
ZEN PRODUCTS Big Bhang is a dry amendment bud booster growers have been waiting for. For use with flower plants to provide the extra nutrition needed during the generative phase of plant growth. May cause additional flowering sites along with larger fruit. Use after week 3 of flower. Discontinue use one week prior to harvest. Made by Michigan growers for growers around the world, Big Bhang delivers the most powerful nutrients for explosive flower growth. Big Bhang gives your plants that extra nutrition required to add that extra bulk, weight and sticky ickyness! Big Bhang will not only increase your yield abut also help to give your flower those intense flavors you want.Grab some Big Bhang today and give your flowers the boost they need!
NPK: 0-32-28

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in






8 reviews for Big Bhang Bloom 5lb

  1. Joe VB

    Pushes the size and weight I want on my plants. Why are you spending more on more complicated plant food?

  2. James G

    Taking my buds to the limit! Saw a bit of fox tails but my room was SUPER hot! Worth the pennies.

  3. Hindukushqueen

    Pk boosted

  4. Stephanie

    Didn’t realize my plants could get this big.

  5. Ricky Rackman

    I’ve been using since week 1 of flower. Could that be the difference? Man, I’m loving this run.

  6. Erik

    Big Fruits, must be big roots? Idk, but this stuff shot my plants into space!

  7. Terpman

    Great pk booster. Seemed to get better results and flavor then a lot of those big brand names.

  8. Big Budzman

    Do you see all the exclamation points on everyone’s comments?!!!!! It’s that good!

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