UNO - An all-in-one dry base nutrient.

Where can I find feed recommendations
Why should I use UNO?
Does UNO really work?

EZ-ZENtials part A and B is a two part pro grade dry base nutrient.

Is EZ-ZENtials a grow and bloom?
Why should I use UNO?
Why should I use EZ-ZENtials?

Big Bhang bloom is a serious bud booster.

Is Big Bhang salt?
Can I expect more weight using Big Bhang?

Candy Man

What does Candy Man do?
Will Candy Man increase bud weight?
Do I need Candy Man with ZENs base nutrients.
Is Candy Man only for Cannabis?


What is CAL-MAGnon?
Why do I need a Calcium Magnesium additive?
Can I use CALMAGnon outdoors?
Can I burn my plants with Calcium Magnesium products?

ZEN Strength

What is ZEN Strength?
What does Silica do for my plants?
Do I need Silica?
When should I use ZEN Strength?


What is Molashish?
Why should I use Molashish?
Can I mix Molashish in a reservoir?
Does Molashish add carbohydrates?

Enlighten Up (pH up)

What is Enlighten Up used for?
How long is the buffer for Enlighten Up? (Before PH drifts)
Is Enlighten Up Concentrated?

Calm Down (PH Down)

What is Calm Down used for?
How long is the buffer for Calm Down? (Before PH drifts)
Is Calm Down Concentrated?

O Calm Down (Organic PH Down)

What is O Calm Down uses for?
Is O Calm Down different than Calm Down?
How Long is the Buffer range on O Calm Down? (Before PH drifts)
Can I use O Calm Down in place of Calm Down?