FiZZ KLEEN Hypochlorous acid tablet is a superior way of keeping your drip irrigation lines clean as well as your reservoir.
Why are we shipping water when Hypochlorous acid is so easy to ship in tablet form. All the disinfecting power you want. All the cleaning power you want. 1 Gallon of Hypochlorous acid in an #easy, #Peasy #tablet! These tablets are specifically formulated to work with purified water. Not that it won’t work in tap or spring water, but those sources contain other elements beyond JUST water. Just go to the store and get a gallon jug of distilled water, drop a tablet in. It will FiZZ for less than 5 minutes, give it a shake and it is ready to use. The gallon is now primed with 280 ppm of Hypochlorous acid, just like your favorite brand of Hypo. You may be disappointed in the tablet’s size but not it’s effectiveness! 1 tablet in 1 gallon is approximately 280 ppm.

One really cool feature of the label on the package… It was designed to be removed from the pouch and stuck on your jug. That way you always know what you are using… Second time using the jug, it has already got a label. Now you got a sweet sticker for your collection! Easy to use and looking cool while doin’ it! Don’t get fooled buying Water!

Regular maintenance – 2-5 mL / Gal
Extreme Conditions – 10mL / Gal
Foliar – 375 mL / Gal
Flush – 10 mL / Gal
Cuttings – 10 mL / Gal

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × .5 in




4 reviews for FiZZ KLEEN

  1. floral flexin

    blows big name hypos out of the water!

  2. Big Richard

    There is no other HypoChlorous Acid product that comes with a cool sticker!

  3. Athena Rodriguez

    I can’t get over how clean my lines are, how much less crap is my reservoir. Just from 1 mL per gallon of Fizz KLEEN!!!

  4. Scott

    Clean Rez

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