Candy Man Quart

Candy Man Quart


Candy Man, Made for the gardener with a sweet tooth. Candy Man is specifically brewed to enhance production and fragrance of oil producing plants.




Candy Man comes packed with Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Vitamins, Sugars and Amino Acids to cause rapid oil production and boost the aromatic qualities of your favorite plants. Build bigger more stinky flowers that will amaze your eyes. Candy Man can because he makes the world taste great! Candy Man is a great addition to any product line. Use in 5mL per gallon with your favorite flowering fertilizer weeks 3-7 of the flowering cycle to take your flowering aromatic plants to the maximum. Works with all brands of base fertilizers but best with the EZ-ZENtials dry bases from ZEN PRODUCTS. You will be amazed at the easy, consistent results from Candy Man.
Use 2-7 mL in flower weeks 3-8. Stop using 2 weeks prior to harvest.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 9 in






7 reviews for Candy Man Quart

  1. Tom42

    Added so much flavor to my cherry tomatoes. Will be using again next year!

  2. JimmyWayne

    Adds flavor

  3. Jimmy Jam

    This is hands down the best flower ripener! Forget that slurpinator or whatever its’ now called Candy Man!

  4. Cedric

    Where has this been all my life!? 5mL per gal the last few weeks of flower and all the flavors taste better and the smells are more potent!

  5. Tommy

    Yumm. Yeah take me to flavor country.

  6. Alkalinemadman

    Started using this stuff and I’ll never grow again without it!

  7. Deadheadfred

    Terps off the chart.

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